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Steve Trinward, Soul Proprietor

P. O. Box 211, Whites Creek, Tennessee 37189
(615) 424-7740 (cell); 615-499-4797

Wordsmithing & Editing for the Businessperson who CARES

SERVICES: Text- & copy-editing, wordsmithing, editing, proofreading, speechwriting, business cards ...

If your too bussy buliding you're buisnes two wory abbout "spellling" ... I can help!

MISSION: To communicate (clearly, concisely, correctly) and help others do the same.

trin- (prefix): (1) correct in format, syntax, spelling, prosody and punctuation, and appropriate to intended audience; (2) heartfelt, spiritually centered and rooted in humanity; (3) clear, concise and creatively presented. (Note: this is NOT a dictionary definition; it is a declaration of principle ....)

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